Mimi Shodeinde is a British Nigerian artist, designer and entrepreneur, born and raised in London, Mimi’s passion for art was developed at a young age. Winning awards for her artwork she went on to complete her degree in Interior Architecture at Edinburgh.

She has worked and collaborated on a wide range of projects both nationally and internationally, from interior architectural projects, furniture design, lighting and product design spanning The UK, Europe, The Middle East and West Africa.

Mimi’s drafting and painting skills together with her artist’s eye allow her to break down the relationship between form and function where art and design intersect.

She draws on her diverse influences and background to manipulate the use of space through both form and placement defying categorization. Her style is fluid, sophisticated and functional but seeks to imbue each project with a personality of its own.

Consistency is key, love every moment of the journey, and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back!

Mimi has a background in Fine Arts and had always been intrigued by painting and sketching at a young age, which served as a leverage to venture into interior architecture. Her keen interest in how interiors influenced the way people behave and interact with objects or a piece of furniture led her to create intriguing pieces that are quite different from what people are used to.

Her earliest form of inspiration came from her mother who was a fulltime business person and her father, who was a trained architect amidst other things. They instilled in her the value of hard work and the power of resilience, which are important values an entrepreneur should have.

As an entrepreneur, Mimi describes her greatest satisfaction in these words, “Seeing my ideas come to life. I feel peace when I see something that has worked perfectly, the way I imagined it in my mind. I still get surprised every time I walk into the studio. Taking something from sketch to reality isn’t always easy and there are many hurdles, tweaks & corrections needed to get to that final piece. Its hard work, but it’s so worth it!”

Miminat focuses on Interior Architecture & Design, Furniture, Lighting and Product Design and was established in 2015.

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