Remi Osifo is  the Lead Curator for Abuja City Tourist. With over 8 years managerial experience, she has navigated the media, management consulting and the hospitality sector. She is also a seasoned professional in Human Resources Management, local tourism promoter and brand storyteller.

Remi Osifo
Remi Osifo, Lead Curator, Abuja city tourist

She began Abuja City Tourist in 2018 as a means to change the mainstream media narrative of Nigeria and drive investment in the hospitality sector.

She has effectively done this using visual storytelling with Abuja as the focal point. This has grown and birthed an experience company for intending tourists known as ACT experience @act_experience.

Abuja City Tourist

In celebration of women’s month, we celebrate Remi for putting Nigeria on the map, and showing the beauty of Nigeria’s rich culture and heritage.


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