Dr. Angela Tabiri, a young female made headlines for the superior quality of work she produced for her PhD in Mathematics for the University of Glasgow. She has recently completed her PhD.

The maths goddess is currently an AIMS-Google AI Postdoctoral fellow at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Accra, Ghana. She is the founded @femafricmaths.

While for most women, Mathematics is a no-go area Angela, is challenging this narrative with her recent work.

The high quality of her work gained traction on social media and many showered accolades on the math-goddess.

Truly, ”this language is of the gods” and Angela is a notable goddess.

A mastery of the field can help in solving problems including finding solutions to diseases, researching into its causes and developing long lasting solutions to it. This field could be applied to every facet of human life to improve or cause a change for the better.

And Angela’s passion for maths continues to motivate her to defy the difficulty and challenges associated with studying mathematics and its application.

Dr Angela also founded a charity to inspire young girls to take up careers in mathematics and related fields. Previously, she worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana. Angela has also volunteered for the Glasgow Science Festival and represented the University of Glasgow at the European Science Slam Finals.

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