Meet Dr Nothabo Ncube, Zimbabwean born Medical Doctor, TEDx Speaker, Life Coach and Millennial Mentor.

Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them.

Dr Thabo who lost her mother at the tender age of 14 to a tragic road accident, made a promise to her mother before she died that she would become a doctor in Zimbabwe.

Fate led her to Canada where she and her family found themselves living in Community Housing in Toronto, subjected to social ills that could have deterred her from her path, despite these circumstances she rose from the ashes like the phoenix.

Her story led her to meet the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and went on to share her life journey on the TEDx platform.

Dr Thabo strongly believes that looking at the way her breakthrough came it could only be divine. It became very clear that the way they were pursuing her, it was for a big thing and she was convinced that more than anything it was the universe communicating something to her about who she is. Being part of that Oprah Winfrey’s class and being part of that community where Oprah shares how she came from rural Mississippi to having emerged as a voice of hope, light and inspiration for this season served as a reminder that she too is possible. It also created a shift in how she saw herself and her story and she somehow knew intuitively that she was created for something bigger than herself and that the hand that life had dealt her with was preparing her to use that journey to inspire and to give hope to the masses.

Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions and media appearances on stages such as Global News TV, she positively influences, challenges and reconnects youth with their passions. She uses incredible wit and candor to empower young girls and women.

She is a story of grace, hope and faith and she is a living example that you can turn your pain into a message of hope that rescues others from their own pain and gives them something to believe in.

Dr. Thabo envisions a world where all millennials are given the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves, not only to dream bigger dreams, but to create and shape the world they have always desired.

Thabo states that she wouldn’t be the woman she is without her mother’s influence and she appreciates the fact that the gratitude comes from the life that she led and her having instilled all the values in her which she had used as a foundation for everything that she is becoming now. She also believes that God also used Oprah Winfrey as the vessel used to remind her of the seed of purpose that had been planted in her.


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