Nigeria recorded its first Coronavirus case back in February after an Italian man came to transact business from his country. By then the world has just started to come to terms with the severity of the novel virus.

The initial spread of the virus brought into the country by the Italian man was quickly contained and its all thanks to the ingenuity of the doctor on duty, Dr. Amarachukwu Allison.

Speaking in an InstaLive interview with CNN’s Stephanie Busari, Amara narrated how she sprung into action after she realized the danger of her patient’s ailment. According to her, she was on duty on that day at a Medical Center in Ewekoro area of Ogun State when the Italian was brought in. Dr. Amara said she observed he turned up with flu-like symptoms and ordered the Italian to be isolated for examination.

She said:

I had been following the news trends at the time so when he walked into my consulting room with his complaints, he had a fever, it was high grade, headache, muscle pain, and fatigue. I took his medical history and he said he had just come from Italy … so I knew it was likely Covid-19.

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