Miracle Izuchuwu who recently joined the elite group of 7% of females and 1% of black female Pilots in the world is a 23-year-old Nigerian born Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot (candidate) and Flight Attendant at American Airlines.

From the Cabin to the Cockpit

“I who grew up in a society that did not encourage young girls to dream big, career-wise. I remember watching lots of TED Talks to give myself more insights on possible careers that might interest me…to no avail,” said Miracle.

In 2019, she had an encounter with an Airline Pilot while working as a customer service rep. He opened her eyes to the possibility of becoming a Pilot. A few weeks later, she went on a discovery flight that sealed it for her.

“I came home that day, called my father, and told him I was considering becoming a professional Pilot.

He said, and I quote: “if he gets on a plane and sees a woman as the Pilot, he would get off the plane” words cannot explain the pain and confusion I felt. I needed that validation,” she narrated.

“What if, in raising children, we focus on ability instead of gender?

In a world that wants us to whisper, I choose to shout,” concluded Miracle

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