More women are taking the and one such example is the Ghanaian Kadijah Amoah who was appointed as Country Director of Aker Energy Ghana Ltd making her the first Ghanaian women to head an oil company. The appointment,took effect on February 1.

A trained lawyer, Khadija Amoah holds a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, LLB and an M.Sc. in International Business from the University of Ghana.

“I am extremely pleased to join Aker Energy at such an important stage of the company’s history. Building on the Aker group’s 180 years’ industrial heritage, Aker Energy will, together with AGM and AGIC, take the lead to develop Ghana’s oil and gas resources and related industries,” Amoah said of her appointment. “It all starts with the Pecan project operated by Aker Energy, but this is just the beginning. AGM’s plans to explore and appraise the SDWT block and AGIC’s plans to pursue development opportunities stand as testaments to Aker’s commitment to industry development in Ghana beyond the upcoming project,” she added.

The CEO of Aker Energy es expressed satisfaction with Amoah’s presence saying: “With Kadijah’s experience, I am confident that she will lead with success as we move towards the development phase of the Pecan project offshore Ghana.”

Her appointment comes as calls are heightening for firms within the oil and gas sector to deliberately design gender policies to boost women’s participation and presence within the industry.

Congratulations to her!

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