Every woman with a family to care for and a career would have to deal with sleep deprivation at one point  or the other. But while this is certain, making sure to create a more reasonable sleep schedule would help us perform better.

Here are few thing lack of sleep can do to your health:

It Ages Your Skin

Ever heard of a something called ‘beauty sleep’?, that is because getting a good night sleep helps your skin to rejuvenate and take out toxin build-ups. You would appear less attractive as your skin tends to have a dullness, and there are increased tendencies to having wrinkles and blemishes faster than mothers or single women who tend to sleep more.

It Reduces Your Sex Drive

Some sleep specialist report lower libido for both men and women who lack a proper sleeping regime this may be due to fatigue, sleepiness and some other factors.

Your Physical Heath Is at  Risk

Lack of sleep is linked to obesity, infertility, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and more. Our immune systems are weakened making it easier to be vulnerably to diseases. A clinical study in Mayo Clinic revealed that sleep deprived individuals ate more than those who are not.

You would have Lesser Focus 

Your effectiveness to remember is reduced and you will have trouble staying focused. According to Arianna Huffingthon when you are sleep deprived, you are easily more distracted and irritable and struggle to process basic information.

Sleep is a basic need for our health, even a short 20 minutes afternoon nap likely when the kids are in school especially for homeworking moms. And if you have a busy career getting the kids early to bed would help you not to stay up so late. You could likely hit up the 8 hour recommended daily sleep routine if you do well to plan it. With this you can have a more productive lifestyle moms!.


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