20year old, Hannah Olateju at the tender age of 2, had four of her limbs amputated to save her life, after contracting meningitis.

Despite all, she has a lucrative career as a fashion and beauty influencer. Currently, on her platform, she intends focusing on motivating and inspiring others.

She documents her life experiences on her social media, with about 105,000 followers on Instagram, using her platform to boost self-esteem in others

“My childhood was extremely happy, I always remember laughing and playing around like a headless chicken, everything was pretty normal, and that transpired to me been a confident person.”

She is a body positive amputee, and wants people to treat others right, despite their disabilities.

“The only difference between me and you is that I have less limbs”, Hannah explains.

“I would say to people who do have a negative view of amputees and disabled people – get a life’


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