Abiodun Alabi is our debut WORrior on this week’s  7 questions.

Abiodun has over 6 years experience as Human Resources Generalist Personnel. Currently, Abiodun is the founder of Motherhoodng, a social enterprise that is setup to raise group of mothers in every city in Nigeria.

Abiodun’s mission is  is to run maternal health campaign and sensitisation in communities and social media that provides information to mothers and to-be mothers.

She  holds a Bachelor degree in Business administration and Management. She is an associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel management (CIPM) of Nigeria and Nigerian Institute of Training and Development.

Abiodun, is driven by her passion to support mothers at the delicate stage of childbirth and parenting in their motherhood journey. She answers our 7 thought provoking questions in this interview.

1. What is your biggest fear?

My greatest fear is to look back many years down the line and regret not doing something because I was afraid that it will not be successful.

2. In your darkest moments, what do you do?

I have experienced such times in life and the God factor remain my strength through them all. Also, I analyse the situation, to pick one or two lessons as I move forward, then I consistently soak my mind with positive words by listening to worship songs, positive affirmations that address the situation am going through, seek God intervention and visualize the victory am expecting.

3. What is that one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Trusting people so easily.

4. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Looking back over some years, I would never have predicted that at this point in my life I’d be doing the kind of great work I do. Given the pace of change these days I would not presume to say that I know what I’ll be doing in the next five years. However, in the next five years I know I’ll be working hard on something that will positively impact womanhood at large, alongside smart and committed people.

5. What keeps you going in?

My determination to make positive impact in life in any way and the goal to be the first role model for my children.

6. What is your stand on feminism?  Do you consider yourself a feminist?

I stand for feminism because it is about equal rights and opportunities for both genders. I connect with anything that bring joy or goodness to women’s world.

7. What keeps you up at night?

Quest for personal development and fulfilling my purpose in life.

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