Currently ranked by Forbes as the richest woman in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion, Folorunsho Alakija has proven to be a successful woman both career and business wise.

Alakija who is the managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group, executive vice-chairman of Famfa Oil Limited, founder of Supreme Stitches and a host of other businesses has shown that she has what it takes to  be a power woman.

She started her career as an executive secretary who rose to the top without a college degree against all odds.

Here are 5 Life lessons every lady can learn from her.

1.   Be Passionate About What You Are Doing

The first lesson you can learn is if you are currently in a position or a job that is not your dream job, do not let that stop you from learning as much as you can from that role. You never know who you may meet in that position that would help you move forward.  Alakija was once a company secretary because of her fathers wishes and she excelled as an executive secretary and eventually rose to become the first director of corporate affairs for Nigeria’s International Merchant Bank.

2.   Take Advantage Of Opportunities

If you intend to start your own business someday you should read alot about that industry, attend events, and talk to people who are doing what you are currently interested in. If you find an opportunity that is not currently being addressed, you should dive into it before the opportunity passes you by.

Alakija ventured into the Nigerian fashion industry at a time when things were beginning to grow.  According to her, “It was a time when Nigerians were very proud of display African fashion.

3. Make An Impact Regardless Of Your Position

Regardless of your position, there is something you can share with people looking up to you as a mentor.  Make an impact in your immediate community, neighborhood.

Alakija has a foundation named Rose of Sharon Foundation, a non-governmental organization that supports widows and orphan children through programs and educational grants. Even before she became a philanthropist, Alakija was involved in community programs and shared her expertise with others through speaking engagements and attending volunteer events.

4. Be Enterprising

Every lady shouldn’t always rely on her salary alone, you must have other legitimate sources of income. Learn to do a business on the side. But ensure it won’t affect your major work schedule. Alakija’s primary sources of wealth are rooted in oil and fashion. Currently, She is the Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil, managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group and the founder of Supreme Stitches, a fashion label that catered to upscale clientele.

5. What Is Worth Doing At All Is Worth Doing Well

Every lady must have the ”what is worth doing at all is worth doing well attitude”. It would help you achieve a lot in your business and career. You Must be able to juggle the competing demands of a career or business and family.  Alakija successfully manages many streams of business and also keeping her home together.



Credit: fabwoman.ng

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