USA Billboard


Award-winning gospel artist and songwriter, Sinach has become the first African and amazingly the first black person to rank at number one on the Christian Songwriters’ category of the USA Billboard, for her song ‘Way Maker’.

She has dominated the chart for the past seven weeks. At 148 million views, ‘Way Maker’ is currently the third most-streamed song in the world on YouTube.

Since the release of the song, ‘Way Maker’ on 30 December 2015, it has been covered by a number of globally acclaimed Christian music artists such as Michael W. Smith, Leeland; and others.

While speaking on the ranking, Osinachi Joseph also known as Sinach, said, “It’s truly exciting to know from Nigeria, we are reaching far and dominating in the West. It basically chronicles what God can do when you yield to Him. Just thinking of it is really humbling and to know it’s a song of hope, faith in God, and trusting in Him that has brought us thus far. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of ‘Way Maker’ being sung in many hospitals, car parks, garages – everywhere this period! God has used it to strengthen many around the world, not to give up, but believe that He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. So I’m truly happy, excited, and glad Jesus is glorified once more.”

Sinach who is a senior worship leader at Loveworld Incorporated,has an overflowing catalogue of 9 studio albums with a very special Worship EP in the works. Her unrecorded songs but written, are in thousands.

‘Way Maker’ is her first song to gain global critical acclaim and peak on the Billboard.

She also expressed gratitude to God, for being the first black person and first African to achieve this.