Tiwalola Ogunlesi


Meet Tiwalola Ogunlesi, a British Nigerian sensation who got fed up with young women battling low self-esteem and confidence and decided to start a Confident and Killing It movement. Through content, courses, coaching, and community, she helps young women and girls develop the confidence they need to live audaciously and walk in their greatness.

She has been unapologetic about her message which is to awaken women to their worth so they can live the lives they truly deserve. Often referring to herself as “if Oprah and Beyonce had a baby, it would be me”, her warm smile and appealing message have drawn the attention of household names such as Google, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, and The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. Not only is she a sought-after speaker and coach, but she also hosts a high-rated podcast and runs an online academy that is transforming the lives of women and girls one step at a time.

You may see the product but for Tiwa, it was a journey, and she believes this is just the beginning.

The Journey to Confident & Killing It

Her journey to ‘Confident and Killing It’ started in 2017 whilst she was volunteering as a Youth Leader with teenage girls. She states: “when I asked the young girls what they want more of in their lives, all of them had the same thing in common – ‘they want to be more confident and love themselves.” Tiwa states she had struggled with this as well and was adamant about making sure the next generation of women are not having to go through the same struggles she went through.”

This righteous indignation led her to start Confident & Killing It. What started as 1 min videos on Instagram turned into in-person events, then hosting a university tour around the UK in 2018. A year later, she decided to quit her job and go full-time with C&K. Talk about audaciousness. Since then, it’s been big wins after big wins. From speaking at OWLAG (Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to working with global brands, one thing is clear; she is relentless in her mission to wake young women and girls to their worth.

How C&K is revamping the self-help movement

When it comes to the self-help space, some would argue that it is a whole lot of ‘make you feel good’ content that has little relevance in daily life. What good does reciting affirmations do when you are slumped in the middle of depression or battling anorexia? For Tiwa, she understands this apprehension from people, hence she states what makes ‘Confident & Killing It ‘ unique.

“C & K is built on positive psychology. I didn’t just want to be the cheerleader and the ‘make you feel good’ coach, but we wanted women and girls to use tangible results. Through coaching, we help young women discover their strengths as well as keep a log of their accomplishments so whenever they feel low energy, they can remind themselves of their worth and capability based on tangible results.” She goes on to say her approach is:

*Acknowledge how you feel: You don’t have to feel happy all the time. It’s okay to not be okay.

*Articulate how you feel: Journal, talk to someone you trust, go to therapy.

*Practice self-compassion: She stresses: “You don’t have to be hard on yourself to achieve your goals.”

The BOOK: What to expect

But it doesn’t stop here. Tiwa has her debut book dropping in July;  she says: “The book is a practical guide to overcoming fear, getting sassy with negative thoughts, and becoming your most empowered self. It’s a game plan for confidence that mixes the science of positive psychology with uplifting stories from everyday women to show you that there are no limits to who you can become. I hope that after reading it, you wake up and realize you don’t have to settle for an unfulfilling life. You can indeed create a life you love, one that you’re proud of.”

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She adds: “I truly believe every single person deserves to love and believe in themselves. It needs to be the norm and not the exception and that’s why I’ve written my book. We live in a world that’s constantly telling women we don’t measure up. Society acts like our worth is based on our productivity levels, our jobs, how much we earn, our race, and so on. This is damaging. Research has shown there’s a confidence gap between men and women and I have experienced a generational cycle of low self-esteem in women and girls. The truth is we matter simply because we exist, not because of our achievements. Everyone deserves to know this. ”

The future is bright for Tiwa. With regards to where she sees Confident and Killing It, she affirms: “The goal is to see it become a media company that gives room for women and girls to love themselves as the default rather than an exception.”

Credit: Baucemag