Temi Giwa- Tubosun


In 2015 Temie Giwa-Tibosun was revealed in Nigeria with the creation of LifeBank, a platform that supplies Nigerian health centers with blood. This Nigerian entrepreneur wants to save lives. And to achieve its goal, it has relied on technology to improve access to blood transfusions in Nigeria.

LifeBank works with blood banks, hospitals and blood donors. Because Temie Giwa-Tubosun would at all costs want to ensure a better availability of blood to save lives.

After her training in the United States where she studied at the University of Minnesota, the young entrepreneur made the decision to return to her country to make a difference in the development of her country. She puts her know-how at the disposal of her compatriots. It is by working with a non-governmental organization that she noticed the lack of blood in the country’s hospitals. The problem is much more common in poor communities.

Childbirth, accidents and other situations are poorly managed due to lack of blood. In addition to this, in his report, the absence of an organization that allows to store the blood banks according to blood groups and protect them in good conditions.

For the last three years, LifeBank has been helping hospitals better understand the sources of blood, oxygen and vaccines. Then the platform team takes care of the delivery. Today, LifeBank has about 40 blood banks.

To be effective and respond to a concrete and urgent request. “We have cars and motorbikes to avoid traffic jams. We can deliver in less than an hour, “she says. To ensure the safety of boxes that contain blood, there is Bluetooth locking system. A real innovation.

To mark the success, LifeBank will continue to educate people about the importance of blood donation. Every year she organizes blood donation campaigns in the country. These campaigns take place at least four times each year and can supply the startups’ blood stores. The platform already has more than 5,000 volunteer blood donors.

Since 2015, LifeBank has delivered nearly 10,000 units of blood. The platform collaborates with a hundred hospitals in the country. Beyond Lagos the capital, the startup intends to expand its activities in other cities.

Source : WomenAfrica