By Pamela Mbata

Ever felt like the woman next to you is better than you? You feel or think she is smarter, more beautiful, and that’s why maybe she is so successful. Well, you aren’t the first to think so.

In life, you will see so many women admire the next woman, and wish to be them – so many admire the life’s of celebrities, people who seem to be smashing business goals, those who seem to have their dream relationships  and more.

Then, you are left to feel bad when these expectations seen about others aren’t working in some ways for you.

Well, again, you aren’t the first to think so. She was once at that place, and asked those same questions like, can I, am I good too, and many more.

Always know, YOU are as good as the next woman, and can achieve even more if you know this. Yvonne Orji’s Tee says it all. With the people you look up to, you will be surprise when you get a chance to speak with them are just like you. They get shy too, you can find them nervous and about the same feelings that flush through your mind as well.

It’s right to say some people have more opportunities set up more easily for them than others, yes, but it’s never right to accept that you aren’t good enough. The race is not to the swift. Someone can be tall and a modelling agency finds them out and next they become a top model, and yes she could be lighter, probably a more smooth talker, with pretty eyes and all. But its never okay to think she is better than you. Find your own strength. There is a role for someone who isn’t tall to play, which can eventually turn out more greater than the tall role.

That’s why it is so important to remember you have a different race. You are your greatest competition not her, our personal race are right before us. It’s never okay to think anyone is better than you. Find your niche, focus and develop them. Develop them, you need that.

Imagine someone you have greatly admired and stuff it in your mind that you can be as good and even better. Ready for this? Good wishes.


Photo Credit: @Yvonneorji (Instagram), Getty images