Social distancing

Social distancing has become a norm for the lives of many around the globe. A phenomena caused by the spread of Covid-19,also known as coronavirus. Our lives, friendships and things around us are changing. Here are some ways to make this period very useful for us;
1. Plan out your routine and Prepare

Get a routine, a structure of your daily activities, from your domestic chores, to been in the shower, your meal preparation and all house activities. While you make good use of each time, don’t for forget to plan your entire life now. Get your self together for every new changes the world is about to experience. We believe things will get better but don’t be disorganized.

By creating routines, you can reduce the feeling of boredom.

2. Try something new

Get outside the box, do something you have not necessarily done before or been good at.  Try a new recipe, experiment with home repairs, learn a new dance on TikTok, paint, knit some cotton, and so on. There are dozens of new things you can do, maybe some childhood games as well. You can also do something you haven’t done in a long while.

Doing new things not only relieves boredom, but they help you acquire new skills and knowledge.

3. Keep in touch with others

Happy college girl laughs as she reads a funny text or video chats with a friend.

Make (video) calls, chat up friends and family, send mails or just anyhow you want to keep in touch. This would help you feel better, bring back memories of how you have spent time previously. You will have a sense of been together with far away loved ones and not feel so lonely.

4. Self Care

This is beyond beauty treatments. Do a soul check, – your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Periods like this are the perfect time to look into yourself. Meditate, pray and care for your body. Truth is, beauty radiates from the inwards. So while you’re getting some good food, exercise, and skincare treatments do not forget to check your soul which you don’t see.

A good self care brings feelings of contentment that will snap boredom away.

5. Read

This is not everyone’s hobby, but it is so necessary at this time. Reading helps your mind, it gets your mentality right. Get a good book, that you know has something you need. If you don’t love reading you can try creative stories that aren’t boring. You can get a handful of reasonably books online, don’t worry about a library if you don’t have one. Try reading 2 pages a day, and soon you will be through it all.

6. Bond with family

This is the perfect time to bond with your kids and spouse, and other members of your family. While so many homes are probably finding this difficult to do, engaging in heartfelt conversions will help. Initiate doing things together, bring up discussions with any difficult person in your life. Friendship is what holds any relationship strong and that comes through having sincere conversions with one another. Try to make it fun as much as you can. What if you never get the chance again.

This is a season where so many things can be repaired and put together. All the best.