Sia Alexander-Brume


Art, relates to any creative pursuit which stirs the soul, uplifts the artist and the viewer, reconstructs and deconstructs societal and conceptual limitations, and broadens the scope of human potential.

The Children’s Art Workshop initiative exists to provide free art-based workshops and field trips to local Lagosian youth from impoverished communities.
It is a place where children in the local area can eat, play, dance, create, make music, design, write, perform, etc.

Children at the Children Art Workshop

It was born out of the need for a viable, healthy, and constructive after-school and weekend activities for the marginalized Lagos youth who have nothing but the streets to play in. It is for the Lagos youth community who live on the margins of the larger society, have little access to creative artistic expression, and though talented and bright, are not being afforded with basic opportunities for self-development and holistic growth. She aims to replicate this workshop in other communities around Lagos, throughout Nigeria, and Africa. .

Sia believes art is and can be a tool for transformation of both personal and global challenge. In her words, “through art we aim to develop the African youth’s ability to solve global as well as personal challenges.”

“Art is a healing modality that can empower the lives of marginalized African children, helping them to build a stronger sense of self as they approach adulthood, and preparing them to successfully take on the challenges facing their communities, countries, and the continent as a whole.”

Sia Alexander-Brume and some children at the Art Workshop

As her advice for women entrepreneurs who want to start-up, “Never take no for an answer. Always look up and see your dream realized and it will surely pour out before you in due time like abundant rain.”