Ruth Wewura Guribie


For decades, women across the African continent have known how good shea butter is for the skin. This is why Ruth Wewura Guribie, the founder of Sava Shea Company Limited in Ghana, is creating a natural skincare brand that celebrates this much-loved local ingredient.

Sava Shea Company Ltd is a female-owned cosmetics company established in 2015 in Ghana to solve the growing need for natural skincare products by manufacturing and distributing high quality skincare products. Their products are made from premium quality unrefined shea butter handcrafted by rural women in the Northern parts of Ghana and infused with oils and other natural ingredients that are purchased locally.

Their products are simple, natural, and portray to the world what Ghana has to offer in skin care. Their products include Body Creams/Butters, African Black Soap Shower Gel, Lip balm, Hair/Beard growth Oil and unrefined shea butter.

She was motivated to start Save Shea when she discovered that most of the skincare products she used were full of synthetic chemicals; some of which were not even listed in the ingredients. Her skin was being soaked in a cocktail of chemicals everyday with unknown long-term effects. So she decided to start listening to her body and stopped using these products.
Thereafter, she began experimenting in the kitchen making products using only natural oils and butters that she knew were safe and could be sourced sustainably.

You will have many reasons to quit at some point, but don’t. Be passionate about what you do and communicate it in the way that feels most inspired, natural and unique to you.

Quite simply, if a product is made using organic ingredients, you are guaranteed that it has the environment and sustainable practice at heart. So, she felt producing organic skincare products would be her way of helping the process of slowing down the ever increasing speed at which our world is degrading. She never wanted to be just another company making natural products. She wanted to make sure her customers were enjoying best quality products for the most reasonable price she could sell them at.

“Of course, I started this business with the goal of financial success. However, this company is so much more. Save Shea represents me. It is a manifestation of my passion, dedication, skills, and talents. It’s been 5 years since I started this journey, and like any other start up founder, I have had my shares of highs and lows. I certainly had some interesting learnings along the way, which has helped me become a better person and an entrepreneur. I have learned that I am not capable of doing everything nor knowing everything, so I had to learn to get the right people on my team, ask for help, and say no to things I was incapable of delivering. I knew the journey was going to be both exciting and painful, but just as my mother had always taught me growing up, this was MY journey and both my successes and failures are direct results of ME and by ME! I am ready to walk it through and make it work despite the odds.”

Sava Shea is differentiated from other brands on the basis that we focus on manufacturing products that are safe for all skin types and ages, effective and free of chemicals.