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Victoria Abisinuola Thompson is a beacon of hope and resilience. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Ilorin, her academic journey paved the way for a more profound calling. Victoria Abisinuola embarked on a mission to bring emotional stability to the world, with a particular focus on underserved rural communities. This journey gave birth to Victoria Restored Minds, an organization dedicated to illuminating lives through mental health support.

The Vision Behind Victoria Restored Minds

In 2012, Victoria Abisinuola founded Victoria Restored Minds with a mission close to her heart. She envisioned a world where emotional stability was not a luxury but a fundamental right, a world where individuals from even the most remote rural communities had access to free mental health services. Victoria Restored Minds was born out of her passion for helping others navigate the labyrinth of mental health challenges, a journey she herself continues to navigate.

A Legacy of Impact

Victoria Restored Minds has an impressive track record, assisting over 10,000 mental health cases. But its impact extends beyond numbers. Abisinuola Victoria and her team have spearheaded various mental health campaigns, conferences, and walks year after year. Her role as a mental health advocate is only one facet of her multifaceted identity; she is also a gifted writer, author, speaker, and a formidable voice for mental health and humanity.

A Dynamic Force for Change

Alongside her husband, Dennis Ray Thompson, Abisinuola Victoria is actively working to make the world a better place. Together, they are leading the charge to transform the mental health landscape, especially in rural areas. Their joint passion for children is palpable in their impactful initiatives. They have championed numerous campaigns and are at the forefront of creating emotional stability in communities. Above all, they firmly believe that mental health should not bear the weight of stigma and are resolute in raising awareness.

A Heart for Service

Abisinuola has actively served with several NGOs, including GoodWill Ambassadors of Nigeria, Motivated Mankind, YALI Network, Lifewire Foundation, Valerie Chapman Home, and Supernatural Gospel Crusader, among many others. Her commitment to humanity has earned her various certifications and awards, including the “Community Impact Award” organized by Jamie Pajoe and the “Understanding Girls and Women’s Right” YALI Award. She has organized numerous rural development programs, conferences, and visited several Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in recent years.

A Message of Purpose and Benevolence

Abisinuola Victoria passionately advocates for an emotionally stable society, purposeful living, and impactful existence. Her message resonates deeply with her core belief that every individual on Earth has a purpose. She encourages everyone to thrive above life’s challenges, always emphasizing the importance of passing on the torch of benevolence when one finds themselves in a better place. She reminds us that life is fleeting, urging us all to live it fully and make it count.

Overcoming Challenges in Providing Free Mental Health Services

Financial constraints pose a significant challenge when providing free mental health services and other charitable programs. However, Abisinuola Victoria is fortunate to have a team of dedicated volunteers, including trained professionals in psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, and social work. This support is invaluable in delivering these services.

Mobility can be another hurdle, especially when working in extremely rural areas with challenging road conditions. Securing transportation willing to navigate these routes can be a logistical challenge.

Impactful Stories from Over 10,000 Cases

Among the many impactful stories, one stands out—a client who had lost her mother and was battling anxiety, fears, and other mental health issues. Abisinuola Victoria received a late-night call from the distressed client, prompting her to travel a considerable distance to provide support. Her intervention, which included calming the client and ensuring she felt safe, made a significant difference. This client’s journey to healing and recovery is a testament to the positive impact of Victoria Restored Minds.

Balancing Personal Life with Humanitarian Commitments

Abisinuola Victoria emphasizes the importance of love, communication, and prioritizing each other in her marriage with Dennis Ray Thompson. They consider themselves as a united entity and support one another’s endeavors. While challenges arise, they choose love and communicate openly, fostering an environment where both can grow individually and as a couple.

Strategies for Breaking Mental Health Stigma

Victoria Restored Minds tackles mental health stigma through campaigns, articles, one-on-one interactions, and storytelling. Sharing personal stories through platforms like the “Unashamed Conversation” show helps individuals understand they are not alone in