Michelle Hammond, the founder and CEO of Ruahh was born and raised in Ghana but moved to the United States to complete her Bachelor’s degree.
Today, her business and brand, Ruahh, is focused on fusing her Ghanaian culture with modern design to create chic accessories for women that are symbolic and unique. In weaving her African pride into her brand, she invites everyone to explore her culture, understand its nuances and share in her sense of belonging.

Ruahh fashion brand provides chic and unique accessories for the versatile woman and her adventures. Crafted from high quality materials in an array of exuberant colours, they create pieces that combine comfort, convenience, and style.

The name ‘Ruahh’, which means ‘spirit or breath of God that fills all living beings’, is especially symbolic, as Michelle hopes to breathe new life into the concept of versatile style.

Even though she didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background, ever since she was a child, she always dreamt of starting a company making something she would wear. At a young age, Michelle would make clothes for dolls and sell them to her friends. She thought nothing of it then but over the years growing up, that stirred up a passion of starting or owning a company someday.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2020, Ruahh was born. Starting this business when there’s a global crisis has caused problems with vendor sourcing, shipment delays and rejections, but she admits that every challenge has provided her the opportunity to hone her creative skills and learn new things in business.

The motivation to begin the brand came when as a mother of two, Michelle always needed a multi-purpose but stylish bag that could effortlessly double as a diaper and casual bag. And she searched but couldn’t find any bag that she was satisfied with. As all her findings were either too expensive, not stylish enough or without an acceptable quality. So, she decided to create a bag that didn’t sacrifice style, quality or functionality for every woman who values versatility. That was the drive behind Ruahh.

Since its inception, she has added earrings that are vibrant in colour and adds a beautiful statement to any outfit for any occasion.


“Starting a business can be both exciting and disappointing. While you keep your expectations, dreams and faith high, be patient with yourself and the process. It does eventually pay off.” Michelle advises women who want to launch a business anytime in their life.