Rice water benefits


Rice water is the water left over after you cook rice. It requires thorough rinsing of the rice to get the starch.

This water contains some properties that are good for the skin and hair.

It has long been thought to promote stronger and more beautiful hair. According to healthline its earliest known use of it is over 1,000 years ago in Japan.

Your skin can benefit from this as well as It’s said to soothe and tone your skin, and even improve different skin conditions. Some use it as a skin lightener as some of the chemicals in it are known to lighten pigment, no evidence exists for how effective this is.

A lot of commercial products — including soaps, toners, and creams — contain rice water.

For face brightening

It can help improve skin damage from the sun. Rice wine increases the collagen in the skin, which keeps your skin supple and helps prevent wrinkling. It also appears to have natural sunscreen properties. Some studies says it is anti-aging  when fermented because of its antioxidant properties.

Dry skin
Rice water is known to help with skin irritation caused by sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), an ingredient found in many personal care products. Anecdotal evidence has shown that using rice water twice a day helps skin that has been dried and damaged by SLS.

Damaged hair
Its smoothens hair which makes it a good conditioner. It contains Inositol, a chemical in which helps repair damaged hair from the inside out, including split ends.

Sooths Skin problems

There have been claims that Eczema, acne, rashes, and inflammation can be contained to some extent by rice water.
Due to the properties of rice water, there’s reason to think that some of these claims are true although hard evidence is still lacking.

Sun damage protection
Chemicals contained in rice have been shown to help protect the skin against the sun’s rays. A 2016 study showed that it was an effective sunscreen when combined with other plant extracts.

Please ensure you speak with a dermatologist first before beginning any skin regimen.