If there’s a common knowledge about Rahab, it is that she is a bad example of what no one would want to be associated with.

She is a whore.
A prostitute.
A very bad example.

Someone who people only talk about when they want to emphasize she is a prostitute.

But is there all there is to her? No!
Is there something worthwhile you can emulate from her? Yes!

You may not be a prostitute but you sure have something in common with Rahab. That is being a woman.

As a woman, what lessons can you learn from Rahab?

A lot.
But for time and space, I would highlight a few.

Come with me let’s learn from a harlot.

(For a little back story, you can read Joshua 2:1-24)

1. Sensitivity:

Being a prostitute meant that any man that walks into her house wanted to patronize her. However, Rahab knew exactly who the two spies who entered her house were and what they wanted. She was sensitive enough to know they didn’t come for “business” so she never bothered talking to them about it. She knew that as spies, their most pressing need is to be hidden and protected and she did just that for them.

What this spells for us women in contemporary times is that we should pay attention and be observant enough to shift our focus when need arises.
You may be in a line of business or rendering services. However, when need be, understand what your (potential) customer or client needs per time and give it to them according to their needs.
As a business owner or service provider, create room for bespoke services, tailored to suit the present needs of a client or customer.

Be sensitive enough to discern who comes into your life as a bridge to your destiny.
Be discerning enough to know that that random stranger isn’t just a random stranger but someone who could be holding the key to your breakthrough.
Be wise enough to know that that client might be the one client you need for your business to break even.

2. Understand time and know when to negotiate:

Rahab hid the spies and kept them safe because she knew what they wanted and why they were in the city.
However, just before they slept, she struck a deal with them. She negotiated with them and made them agree to the deal on her own terms.

As a contemporary woman, know that there are people who shouldn’t just be your customers but they should become partners in your business.
When you render services, don’t be afraid to negotiate, state what you want and how you want it done. What’s the worst that can happen? When you have recognized an opportunity, initiate the deal before you all get too comfortable. Negotiate and place your cards before it is too late.
Don’t be scared to ask for a raise in salary, especially when you know and they can see that you deliver topnotch in your place of work.
You know what you want so why hold back from asking what you deserve?

3. Trustworthy:

When the king of Jericho heard spies were in the land, he sent messengers to Rahab’s house to confirm if they were with her. Even though at that time, they were in her house, Rahab told the king’s messengers they were no longer in her house.
Interesting to know that the messengers didn’t bother to conduct any search to confirm.
This can only mean one thing; Rahab is a person of integrity. She is trustworthy.
If she said they weren’t there, then they weren’t there. She has a record of telling the truth. She has a strong record of integrity that even the messengers knew.

As a contemporary woman, integrity is an essential core value you should embrace.
In your environment, are you trustworthy? Do you have integrity that people can vouch for?
Are you known to keeping to your words?
When push comes to shove, can people stand for you and say your words are true?
Can they attest that your words match your actions?
Earn the trust of people around you. It is important because someday, you would need to bank on that trust when it is all been said and done.

4. Influence:

Clearly, Rahab even as a prostitute, was a person of influence. I won’t be mistaken to say she’s quite popular in her city. She wields so much influence and popularity that even the king knows her house. Nobody said exactly where the spies were but the king knew if there truly were spies, the first place they would go to would be Rahab’s house.

As a contemporary woman, how much influence do you have in your organization? How much do you have in your environment?
How much influence does your business have? The services you offer, what makes it different from the others?
Rahab sure wasn’t the only prostitute around yet, she stood out among other prostitutes.What are you doing as a contemporary woman to be different from the others?

Part of the agreement in Rahab’s deal with the spies is that no one would know about it until they all left the land.
Yet, Rahab was able to convince her entire relatives to come along with her. How was she able to do that without explaining what and where they are headed?
It means she has influence in her family and they trust her enough to follow her.

How many people in your household can you speak to and they will do as you have said without questioning?

As a contemporary woman, one of the ways to have influence is by directly affecting the lives of people around you. You can do so by rendering help when and where you can, teaching, mentoring and being there for people in ways you can.

5. Multiple streams of income/Investments:

Rahab was a prostitute yes, but it is pertinent to mention she didn’t rely on only income made from harlotry. She had other sources of income which are:

  • The spies walked into her house as soon as they stepped into the city of Jericho. This means she runs an inn where visitors can lodge.  That makes it a second source of income for her.
  • When people lodge, they would eat and drink before sleeping or departing. Which makes it her third source of income.
  • Remember she hid the spies in the flax stacks on the rooftops. This shows she is into the sales of flax. Which makes it a fourth source of income.

You wonder and how a prostitute had the wisdom to do all of these?

Rahab actually means expansion. Her potentials within her kept screaming and reminding her she’s more than what she is presently. She knew there is more to her life than being a harlot.

She knew she wouldn’t be a harlot forever so she invested the funds she made from her harlotry.

As a contemporary woman, know that there is more to your life than where you are today. It isn’t a crime to start small. It isn’t a sin to start little.
However, what matters in the long run is how much you are able to garner from the little you are doing now.

You may be working in a firm that is paying a sub par salary. You know you are more than what you earn currently.
Do the best you can, save what you can, invest in investments you know about. Be involved in other things that can fetch you legitimate income.
A little here and a little there fills the room in no time.

Don’t be comfortable with your present condition. Make the best of what you have currently but reach for more. Allow your potentials find expression.

Listen dear woman, it doesn’t matter how people see you. What matters is how you see yourself. What you call yourself.
People call Rahab the prostitute. But she calls herself Rahab, expansion. And she lived out expansion.

Your present circumstance does not in anyway translate to your ultimate reality. Rahab the prostitute became Rahab the grandmother of a king.

Who would have thought so?

What you have inside of you is greater that your present reality.
Don’t be afraid to reach for more because woman, there is more and you can be more!