Phumzile Mthembu


From newborns to infants to pre-schoolers, skin irritations are a norm. This fragile and immature skin has the most incredible cell potential that must be protected. As the skin is still in the development phase, it is very sensitive and tends to react quickly to environmental factors (such as temperature changes, wind, sweat etc.), chemical stresses (dyes, detergents, hot water etc.), and friction(from diapers or clothes). These eventually cause skin irritations such as ringworm, cracking, flaking, nappy-rash, dermatitis, sores, eczema, etc. 

Inspired by her son who was diagnosed with eczema as a baby, South African entrepreneur Phumzile Mthembu created a natural baby skincare brand, PureB Baby Care, providing a solution to her own family and many others too. Today, her company Ingcweti (Pty) Ltd, trading as PureB Baby Care, is a wholly black-owned manufacturing company that specializes in producing coconut oil based baby ointments that are 100% natural and without harmful chemicals.

PureB Baby Care is a specially formulated hypoallergenic product that helps repair and protect the skin at cellular level is needed to solve these issues. Fragrance-free, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula, PureB is such a product. It is gentle enough for newborns and provides immediate relief to skin irritations. It  softens, hydrates and soothes skin. PureB is not only about repairing damaged skin. They educate their clients – new parents, nurses and owners of childcare facilities – on skin conditions and how to better take care of a child’s skin.

Phumzile describes her entrepreneurial  journey as an interesting from which she has learnt to network and practically learnt collaboration as one of the most powerful keys to success. She also learnt the importance of collaboration as entrepreneurs to keep the business going.

Phumzile describes her satisfaction as an entrepreneur with these words “receiving feedback from a client with pictures of their child being helped by the product. It gives me satisfaction as a business owner, but also as a mum myself as well, that I have managed to help other women.”

Phumzile is currently studying entrepreneurship at the University of Johannesburg. She has been recognized as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of 2019 and has since bring able to supply at least three South African pharmacies with her ointments.