Phoebe Ouma



You really do not know what a pencil can do if you have not seen what Phoebe Ouma creates.

Phoebe Ouma has a thing for African women and as a result, she has dedicated her time to using a pencil to sketch women in the clothing she finds interesting. The Kenyan artist displays the beauty, strength and fashion sense of an African woman with poised flair in her artwork.

The graduate of fashion design and marketing at the University of Machakos in Kenya, says she’s interested in re-enacting the work of designers who portray African print and culture in ways that non-Africans can relate to.

In a 2019 interview with CNN, she said: “I have always been drawing, it is a thing I have been good at”. She told CNN, that she became conscious of the need to tell stories of African women when she was in high school. “I had this folder in high school where I used to keep some of my drawings. Most of my models had white complexions and I didn’t realize I was doing this until someone pointed it out,” she said.

On her Instagram bio, she says, “Soft spot for Illustrating African Brands” and “Occasionally I break character & pursue beauty beyond Africa”. Ouma has also kept her fans entertained as she has posted some of her work.

She is no doubt an inspiration to many in the art world as her work is showing more of what being an African looks like.

Check out some of her artwork:

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Source: Bellanaija