Tobore Anne Emorhokpor is the founder of Nigerian Child Protection Trust and the convener of the End Child Sexual Group. Tobore is a leading voice in the women and child development sector.
Tobore Anne started her educational journey at Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo. She then relocated to the UK for her A levels. She attended Cardiff University where she obtained a Masters degree in Pharmacy.
Driven by personal development and self-improvement, Tobore obtained additional qualifications CIPD level 5 course in Human Resources. She also did a virtual Leadership Principles Course at Harvard Business School.
Tobore has emerged as a credible voice armed with a passion for getting justice for the oppressed. She loves to go beyond people’s expectations and delight them.
She is renowned for her unique style of blended mentoring, empathy and speaking up for the oppressed through her various social media channels. Her  inspirational leadership, empathy and benevolence makes it easy for women and children to have a connection with her.
At the core of her heart, Tobore defines herself as a woman driven by love, whose vision is that of a world where children are well taken care of. She wants a Nigeria where women are empowered to look after themselves and their children.
Tobore has been at the forefront of the movement for women to be treated with kindness by their spouses. She desires for children to live good lives and have a quality education. She detests children being used and abused for child labour and wants a great reduction in sexual abuse and rape of women and minors.
The testament to her impact is the media mentions she has gotten for her humanitarian works and advocacy.
Tobore is the recipient of the Right Livelihood Award for outstanding role in reducing hunger, inequality and improving sustainability. She has also clinched the Drum Majors for Peace award for her giant strides and contributions to women and child development.
We celebrate Tobore’s passion for humanity, and her contribution towards the safety of women in the society