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In today’s world, social media has become a powerful tool for small business owners to promote their products and services. However, not everyone has the know-how to make the most of it. In this blog post, we’ll look closer at Aunty Esther’s Twitter Trend, the humiliation she received, and how it has pushed her into the limelight of blessings.

Who is Aunty Esther?

Mensah Esther Omolola, popularly known as Aunty Esther, is a shopper who goes to the market to get food and other household necessities for people who have no time for the market or do not like going to the market. She buys and sells foodstuffs from Mile 12 Lagos or other prominent markets and sends them to any location of her client’s choice. Her unique approach to marketing and sales has earned her thousands of followers and customers, as well as a fair share of criticism. Especially one from a particular influencer which has, in turn, moved her from grass to Grace.

She started the personal shopping business when she quit her job because of a deficit in salary. Before that, she had tried several failed companies until she thought of being a personal shopper. Thanks to social media, it started as something minor and has grown big.

Aunty Esther is always known to advertise her business under tweets with lots of engagement. It doesn’t matter what the tweet is about; she only posts pictures of her business and never gives any negative comments under any tweets. She is known to be a hardworking,  resilient, and humble woman. One will describe her as the perfect example of a woman who sees dignity in labor. But as you all know, even while doing good, certain people find fault in it.  

Aunty Esther’s Twitter Trend

It all started when a famous Twitter influencer, popularly known as B.G.M, made a tweet, and Aunty Esther, as usual, advertised her business. The Twitter influencer humiliated her for some unknown reason, claiming she threw insults at her before posting about her business. Aunty Esther was publicly shamed by a prominent influencer who not only called her out for cursing her but also called her names and urged her to stop promoting her business beneath her tweets in the future. It sparked so many waves that it trended on Twitter for weeks.

How the Humilation Turned to Blessing

No one was buying her excuse for the tweet, prompting people to defend Aunty Esther while shaming B.G.M. Not only did this singular act boost Aunty Esther’s fame, but it also helped expand her business. She received help from several people in kind and cash. Some even promised her a monthly salary till the end of 2023, a relaxation vacation package, and gained clients from A-list celebrities. She has used her newfound fame to promote her business further. Her story is the perfect definition of moving from grass to Grace.

Mensah Esther Omomlola

Aunty Esther’s Twitter trend became widespread news, a learning guide for the young and old. What the enemy meant for evil, God miraculously turned around for her good. It is true what they say, “When it is time for you to shine, no man can be a stumbling block.” it was time for Aunty Esther to shine; she did in-ground style.