Omowunmi Akande


Tracy Batta is the Cofounder of Smoothie Express. She holds a Masters degree in Communications  Engineering from Swansea University, U.K. and a BSc. degree in Physics with Electronics from the Bells University of Technology, Nigeria.

The journey to Smoothie Express started in 2014. As a young lady trying to maintain an ideal weight, Tracy Batta got on a smoothie detox routine by blending fruits to make smoothies that served as meal replacements. In a short period of time, she discovered that it was challenging maintaining her detox routine as the process of making the smoothies was often tedious and time-consuming. Realising that this was not a problem peculiar to her, she partnered with her friend Omowunmi to launch the idea as a viable business.

With a united and strategic mindset, Omowunmi Akande and Tracy Batta raised $10,000 from their savings, built a website, bought a motorcycle for deliveries and established Smoothie Express. Smoothie Express started operations in March 2015.

Smoothie Express is a healthy food and beverage company that supports healthy living by providing clients with healthy meals in the most convenient and affordable way possible. Smoothie Express offers an extensive menu with a wide range of over 30 different flavours of smoothies including Salads, Sandwiches, Parfaits and Ice teas to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Tracy Batta is a contributor to The Guardian Newspaper. She gives valuable business information, inspires and motivates small businesses in Nigeria.

Being among Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 youths is no small feat but Tracy Batta shows no signs of slowing down. She plans to grow Smoothie Express to become an international brand with locations across Africa by 2025.

We ceebrate you Tracy Batta! Thanks for keeping us fit!