Nwagbara Jessica


Nwagbara Jessica, the last child in a family of four is a graduate of English and literary studies/History and international relations, from University of Nigeria.

Jessica loves looking good because it is a good business. She has a flair for fashion and makeup and intends to have a fashion outfit and makeup line someday.

Let’s meet you. Who is Jessica?

My name is Nwagbara Jessica, a graduate of English and literary studies/History and international relations, from University of Nigeria.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy hanging out with few friends, traveling, playing games and reading, sleeping inclusive.

 Who and what inspires you?

As a result of my desire to delve into the fashion industry, I love the likes of Toyin Lawani, her fashion sense is topnotch and most of her designs are great. Then, Funke Akindele Bello is one person I respect so much, she is hard working and creating jobs for young actors.

What is your biggest fear?

Being poor.

You’re a graduate from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Was your course what you applied for initially? How was your undergraduate days and how has it shaped who you are presently?

Growing up, I never wanted to go to school. Wanted to go to a fashion school but my dad declined. I applied for Law, cutoff mark for 2015 was super high, I ended up shopping to combined Arts then I got it. Was given Theater and Film Studies\English, as a result of being a shy girl while growing up, I opted for English/History.
It wasn’t easy combining as a result of different courses clashing, then lecturers who felt students who combined were dummies because most people who combined didn’t apply for the course as their first choice.
It made me strong because right now I can multi task.


One accessory you can’t leave home without.

My glasses.

Your best quote

Happiness is free.


You have a flair for fashion, according to you, “looking good is good business”. Any pursuit of it at the moment or plans to soonest?

During service, I got to take part time courses in it. Reached out to a couple of designers, Tiannahs Empire and Nikkito Couture.

What keeps you up at night?

Fear of poverty and failing, drive for excellence at what I do.

If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

I will change all leaders at the helms of affairs and bring in vibrants youths who are vision driven to make our country great. At least 60% of our youths will be given jobs.

Country or city you’ll love to visit soonest?

Bora Bora.

You are into makeup for fun at the moment. Any plans to turn this skill into business?

Yes and I have my makeup line too.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Owning my own makeup line, giving a little to my community and making the world a better place using fashion as a tool.

If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them.

Be focused GIRL.
Your dreams are valid, anything you’ve set your mind to do, you can do it.