Ncumisa Mkabile


Ncumisa Mkabile started farming in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic forced her to shutdown her takeaway business where she sold African Cuisine.

The takeaway business was Ncumisa’s only source of income and she needed to think of a plan, so she started selling chicken and doing door to door deliveries.

When she started out, she was buying it from a supplier but when she saw the demand was high she started growing her own and supplying people who would also like to start their own business.

She said she drew her inspiration from her family responsibilities: “I drew my inspiration from the responsibilities I have at home, because I need to provide for my son and mother,” says Ncumisa.

On 20 May 2020 Ncumisa identified a piece of land and planted 20 000 seedlings of Spinach, after a few months she secured another piece of land and planted 20,000 seedlings of Green peppers.

Describing how she got into farming, she said in her own words, “I learned everything from the internet. Because I did not have a mentor, I knew that searching online and watching YouTube channels will be the best option.”

Today, she is supplying huge supermarkets like Superspar Hilltop in Harare township and local street vendors.

“My message to fellow Africans is to start small with the little resources that you have and gradually grow.

“Create opportunities for yourself because no one is going to create those opportunities for you. I’m feeding the Nation for a living, you can also do your part.” said Ncumisa