Miracle Sulieyol Igbokoh


Miracle Sulieyol Igbokoh popularly known as Mimi is a Law graduate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Osun state and also the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus.

Mimi who hails from Benue State is the founder of Mirabell Child Education Foundation, an impactful NGO where she and her team reach out to school children and widows.

Let’s meet you. Who is Mimi?

My name is Miracle Sulieyol Igbokoh, I am from Benue State. I am a Law graduate from Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State.

Also a fresh graduate from the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, making research, travelling, singing and making friends.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is to fail my parents, siblings and everyone that look up to me.

Best quote

There is no impossibility for him who stands prepared to conquer every hazard.
The fearful are the failing – Sarah J. Hale.

You are the founder of Mirabell Child Education Foundation where you reach out to school children and widows. What inspired you to start your own foundation and what fueled your desire to start?

Charity runs in the blood of my family.
Growing up, I have always watched my parents make sacrifices for people to our detriment.

I remember one time, we had nothing at home to eat, someone called my dad and requested for an urgent help, my dad at that time just received a payment he was supposed to use to get food for the house and pay our fees, instead of using the money to do the basic things we needed at home, my dad used the money to assist his friend.
So growing up and witnessing how it is so easy for my parents to give, it became a huge part of me and it has also helped in shaping me into the lady that I am today. So for me, charity has always been an inborn pleasure. Right from when I was growing up, I have always loved to put smiles on the faces of people around me. There’s this fulfillment I have, when ever God helps me to meet the need of people. It makes me happy.
I feel like being a care giver is my purpose in life.
I received God’s go ahead to register the NGO on the 24th February 2014. Registering the NGO was to make it official, so it can be accessible to everyone who is interested in being a sponsor or a partner.

Did your upbringing in anyway contribute to everything you do now?

My immediate environment constitute 75% of the things I do.

What are the major challenges young people who desire to have their own foundations face? Any personal experience and how were you able to deal with these challenges?

It is not easy starting up an NGO.
Almost everyone these days wants to have an NGO, and most who are in the position to help, have supported NGO’S that ended up using the funds that was donated to them for personal use instead of impacting the lives of the people that need it the most.
So getting financial assistance is difficult.
It’s not like I have outgrown that stage, but God has been faithful and has always come through for MICEF.
Since the official registration of my NGO, it has been my personal resources and support from my parents that has financed our outreachs.
During our most recent outreach in February, where we reached out to a school in Mararaba, Nasarawa state and we reached out to widows in Shiloh praise International church in Bwari, along Kaduna road. We had supports from my family, siblings and a few friends. For now, we don’t have sponsors yet, so for me I’ll say getting funds are the major challenges in owning an NGO.

Mention three women who inspire you to be better

1. Mrs Anthonia Igbokoh (My Mom)
2. Mrs Gloria Elijah
3. Mrs Ibukun Awosika

If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

I would try to eradicate poverty by making sure there are industries in every community within the 36 state in Nigeria, to ensure families in the bottom level get an opportunity to feed at least three times in a day, by creating employment opportunities for their children who are graduate or for themselves.
These industries would serve has a means of employment.

You are a graduate of Law from Joseph Ayo Babalola University and also a graduate of the Nigerian law school, Abuja campus. How has the study of Law influenced you as a person? Any future plans in that field?

Studying law has sharpened my mind, strengthened my understanding and deepened my experience across the full range of humanities and social sciences. It has also broadened my breadth of understanding. Having a law degree equips me for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.
And yes, I have plans of God in the judiciary, God willing.

Notable activities or achievements of Mirabell Foundation? Any memorable or defining moment with the foundation?

The defining moment for me, was during our last outreach to the widows in Bwari, during my interaction with the widows they said our coming was a divine intervention for them, telling me how even getting a cup of rice was difficult for them, I felt fulfilled being able to reach out to them.

The number of widows we had was beyond our expectation.

Another defining moment for me, was how God miraculously provided all we needed for the outreach, two weeks to the outreach we only had 5k in the account, in the space of few days God used the C.E.O of Peaceful Peace Import and Export Investment Company to donate 100k, that was someone I have never met or spoken to before. I was really overwhelmed with joy. It was a defining moment for me, because it was the first 100k support we have ever gotten from an outsider.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

With the help of God, I see myself in the next 5 years impacting more lives and becoming more. I also see us having an office for Mirabell Child Education Foundation and not just reaching out to people within Abuja, I see us touching lives in the 36 states of Nigeria and even outside Nigeria as a country.

If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

My advice to them would be; They should believe in themselves, with the help of God they can achieve anything they set their hearts to do.
And they should make proper use of their time, in order to achieve their goals in due time.