Michelle Sneed


In today’s culture its so beautiful the witness the change women are experiencing in leadership.

Michelle Sneed a veteran television and film executive serves as the first female president of Tyler Perry Studios (TPS), where she oversees all productions and development in film and television. According to her the studio has obviously evolved, because there were no females in leadership positions in about 2009.

Sitting with Black Enterprise, Michelle discussed her role, impact, and contributions to contemporary history. Sh took the position in 2018 “it was a sign that the company was embracing the times with growth and diversity and my appointment represents that.”

Her advice for women, goes thus; believe in everything you have to offer and knowing that you deserve it because of your value. Be completely confident that you are just as capable as your male counterparts and do not allow the constant chatter such as unequal pay and other inequalities to cause us to retreat. If you exude your best energy, align with like-minded individuals, and maintain healthy, mutual relationships, you’ll be amazed at where a robust skillset, rock-solid work ethic, and great relationships can take you—anywhere your male counterparts can go!

She’s known to have good work ethics, advicing her production assistants is to be that person they call first as they’re going to call the person who they know is going to make them look good, and who they know is going to work hard.

According to Sneed, leadership isn’t just about being the boss but inspiring people to swing to action and finding creative and supportive ways for them to buy into a shared vision. Perry exemplifies this not by shoving off orders but actually doing the work, which empowers her to want to work just as hard as Tyler does. This alignment creates an atmosphere to attract and work with emerging talent, provide greater opportunities, and see people excel.

Her loyalty to studio is profound as she believes it to be Walt Disney. The campus was built for creatives to come and explore their dreams through endless possibilities.

Michelle is setting the bar high for other women and making a mark that cannot be erased.