Mercia Viriato Lica


Mercia Viriato Lica is a 24-year-old Mozambican born Lawyer, Politician and Activist.

In January 13, 2020 she became the youngest MP ever in the Republic of Mozambique’s history when she took the oath of office among other 249 parliamentarians.

Because of a birth defect, she has no upper limbs. Typing on a phone, writing on paper, drinking water, using a computer — all this and a number of other activities that require hands and arms, she does with her feet.

Mercia attained her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at Maputo’s Pedagogical University in 2019.

In an interview, held on her inauguration day as a parliamentarian, Mercia discussed how she intends to inspire young Mozambicans:

“I hope to contribute to the development of the country in schooling and education. To encourage young people to never stop studying because education is the right path in life. I believe that by being here in the great chamber, I will encourage and inspire many people by the things I will do during my mandate. I believe that when people look at me and see that I am capable, they will also manage to take action”, she said in her own words.

Lica is currently serving a five-year term in parliament under the majority FRELIMO (Front for the Liberation of Mozambique).

She is not only an inspiration to people with disabilities but to young individuals with dreams of being successful.