Mavis Nduchwa


Kalahari Honey is a Botswana-based social enterprise founded and established by Mavis Nduchwa,  that uses beekeeping as a tool to reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife by supplying rural farmers with beehives and training them how to make a beehive.

Bees make great fences to keep the wild elephants away from farmlands, as there are more elephants in Botswana than any other country in Africa.

Kalahari Honey trains farmers in beekeeping, then collects, processes, packages, and supplies – Dessert Raw Honey and Botswana’s first Mead (Honey Wine) to over 100 pharmacies and supermarkets in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

Kalahari Honey currently creates jobs for more than 500 women.

Mavis Nduchwa has won numerous awards including – Woman Owned Business Of the Year 2019 Botswana (Grant Thornton), Most Outstanding African Entrepreneur Award 2018 (Tony Elumelu Foundation), Botswana Innovation Award 2019 (Desert Honey Wine),  and Top 100 Meaningful Businesses 2020 among others.

Mavis Nduchwa, CEO Chabana Farms and Founder, Kalahari Honey.

When asked what she wished she knew about entrepreneurship before she started, she said in her own words:

Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with stumbling blocks. It can be likened to a maze. You know where to start, you see the finish but the path from start to end is a process. A process of shedding old habits, developing existing skills and becoming aware of that which is innate and somewhat dormant within yourself.

“Then again, life is unpredictable and I guess that is entrepreneurship. If I had known that mentors were available and willing to help startups I would have started there.”