Josephine Uba


Ebere Josephine Uba is a native of Ozubulu Anambra State but based in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is the current Nigeria marketing head at IIHT Technologies, an global known ICT training and education solution provider.

She leads the digital marketing experts at Kleensa Promotion, a marketing and branding company in Nigeria. In addition, she runs her dedicated marketing blog basically on digital Marketing, creative designing and branding to sustain both startup and individuals’ brand.

She’s a certified digital marketing expert with indept experience and knowledge of marketing and branding, who has spoken at events like Sales Pro Conference 2019, WordPress Wordcamp 2019 etc.

Figure: Portrait of Ebere Josephine Uba

Josephine Uba is a creative entrepreneur, corporate host, professional keynote speaker, tradeshow and spokesperson presenter. She has deep experiences across variety of digital marketing forms acquired by working with top businesses as well as startups. She has created integrated, direct, digital and social media marketing programs across diverse product categories encompassing soft goods, media, entertainment-related products, and craft-oriented offerings. She simplifies the complex concepts behind today’s evolving marketing challenges. Her Tagline is “SHE MEANS BUSINESS”.

Then (2016–2018) at Epoxy Oilserv, she was employed to lead a team of digital marketing professionals to establish their Epochem new brand together with its products in the industrial & institutional cleaning & maintenance Nigeria markets. Within 2 years, they successfully grew revenue with the products which they developed and fortunately, the equity of Epochem brand increased to the extent that their targets easily acquired their products more than some of their local based competitors.

Via Kleensa Promotion and blog posts, She has helped over 50 new start-ups grow via her posts & invaluable advisory services coupled with their marketing solutions. She create designs, graphics, websites, animations, digital assets & other marketing materials for Individuals & Businesses.

Merely 3 months after Josephine Uba got engaged to work for IIHT Technologies Nigeria as their marketing head and digital marketing professional trainer, there became evidences of substantial growth with respect to successes in walk-ins, enrollments, business-development, brand reputation/equity and overall revenue of the training company.

She stated that the successes they’ve acquired so far boosted her aspiration of becoming not just a marketing leader but a growth hacker who would empower business profitability.

A Clip Shot of Josephine When She was Talking about Constructive Website Design!

Josephine is great at researching and innovating strategies to attract customers and eventually solve problems for them. Ofcourse she has helped over 50 new start- ups grow via her posts & invaluable advisory services coupled with their marketing solutions.

Josephine at Kleensa Promotion, oriented “CONSTRUCTIVE WEBSITE DESIGN” an action oriented form of a UX website design targeted to fasten a web visitor’s decision to take relevant action, that even the laziest web visitors who hate to read contents can easily be converted via constructive website design.

Towards her journey of becoming a “Marketing Influencer”, she launched & proceeded with her digital marketing blog titled her name “Josephine Uba” where she continously offers insights to help businesses and individuals build/promote their brands.

The blog as a marketing blog is categorised into marketing, branding and creative designing treating up to 1200 topics & will eventually cover all topics with respect to digital marketing. See blog: www.josephineuba.com.

Truly, Josephine sees herself to be a “Marketing Model” as she hosts and speaks at various marketing events, product shows and activation, also organizes and works with a team of comedians, dancers and marketers to host market activations for businesses. In addition, she speaks publicly on topics relating to Business Marketing, Branding, Creative Designing, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Women Empowerment, Personal Developments and Motivations.

One simple fact about Josephine is she believes that no matter what, “SHE MEANS BUSINESS” and if you want to get something out of life, “MEAN BUSINESS”.

Source: WomenAfrica