Google Doodle Jollof day


Google Doodle  is celebrating Jollof rice today with Haneefah Adam’s art illustration , though the official day is August 22.  According to Google; “jollof rice, a quintessential West African dish simmered in reduced tomatoes, onions, peppers and regional spices.”

Google doodle

Nigeria-based guest artist, Haneefah Adam made the beautiful live-action doodle of jollof rice,  The beautiful part of the doodle is the way it ended.  They showed the different side dishes like plantain and chicken you can eat jollof rice with.

The beautiful soundtrack featured in the doodle is by Senegalese Jazz musician, Herve Samb. It is safe to say Google created a balance of Jollof  rice origin and the country where it is eaten the most.

Haneefah Adam

Describing the doodle, Google writes that, “on this day each year, rice farmers plant and reap a bountiful harvest, and cooks across West Africa prepare to make fresh Jollof. Also known as benachin and thieboudienne’

They also elucidated the origin of jollof rice. It is believed to have first been prepared by the Wolof tribe in the 14th century. “The Wolof Empire, ruling parts of modern-day Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania made Jollof rice popular.”

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“Each country has added its spin to the recipe and West Africans engage in humorous banter over who makes the best Jollof. These friendly rivalries, known as the “Jollof Wars,” have become an African cultural phenomenon.” Google writes.

The most competitive countries are Nigerians and Ghanaians. Google elucidates the difference. “Nigerians use long-grain rice that absorbs more spices, while Ghanaians use basmati rice with a more aromatic flavour.”

In 2016, Haneefah won the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition, sponsored by Samsung Nigeria and Rele Gallery. The competition was a culinary exhibition aimed at exploring the artistic presentation of some of Nigeria’s local meals.

It’s beautiful to see our food being celebrated, and the work of one of queens highlighted on a global platform.

See some of her work below;

Haneefah Adam Jollof art

Haneefah Adam art

Art by Haneefah Adam

Jollof art by Haneefah Adam