Glorious Reign Ministry


In 1994, Prophetess Uju-Ken had a major encounter with God when she gave her life to Christ, that was the beginning of her ministerial journey and commitment to the body of Christ.

The Canadian based woman of God who has toured different continents winning souls for Christ and reflecting the power of humanity works at the intersection of combining spirituality with reality, using her lived experience as a tool to educate and teach the society the importance of developing a relationship with God and having a prayer life.

Her story went viral online during her recent crusade in Baltimore, USA where she touched lives, performed mind-blowing miracles and spread the gospel. Prophetess Uju is happily married to her supportive husband, and they are blessed with amazing children.

Prophetess Uju-Ken shares her story with Esther Ijewere In this Interview.

Childhood Influence

I grew up in a very christian home. My parents were catholic and were quite involved in church events. My parents always took us to church on Sunday and every weekday early mornings for “Morning Mass”. While in secondary school, my classmates and I attended a church programme. While at this program, the preacher preached on the “Ark of the Covenant” and also asked that those who wanted to encounter the touch of the Ark of the covenant should lift up their hands. That was the first time that I had fallen under the anointing. At that time, I had started dreaming dreams but I had no idea that it was a gift of the Holy Spirit.

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I would always tell my mom of my dreams and they would come to pass. I would narrate my dreams of someone dying and then that person would die. My mom would always caution me and warned me to stop telling her about my dreams. On the other hand, while in University, I started modeling and designing tops and shirts and selling to bankers. I would say that modeling prepared me to face crowds. I was already aware of God’s existence and work in and around me.

Prophetess Uju-Ken

Inspiration Behind Glorious Reign Ministries

The HolySpirit inspired me to start my ministry. After my childhood encounters, I didn’t know how to pray but I talked prayers. I would pray like I was having a conversation with God. One midnight in 2009, I was laying down and fell into a trance. In that trance, I saw some tall grasses in the field, a strong wind was blowing and as the grasses were being blown by the wind, the words “Time 4 Harvest “ appeared. I was confused as to what they meant.

In that trance also,  the voice said that if I was doubting, I should go to the sitting room, that I would find my brother lying on the couch sick. I did get up and go to the sitting room and actually found my brother laying on the couch and when I asked him to go into the room he responded that he was sick.

Before my trance experience, one of my female friends had gifted me with a T.D. Jakes Bible titled ‘Woman, thou art loosed’. After the trance experience, I started preaching to a set of 5 empty couches.

Why I moved My Ministry From U.K To Canada

My move from the U.K. to Canada was a decision of my husband and myself. This decision was solely for the purpose of availing our children the vast opportunities available in Canada including education.

The Journey So Far

 We give God the glory. The journey has been amazing, in the sense that with the help of the Holy Spirit. It has also been a learning curve with challenges but God has been faithful because He has promised me in 1 Corinthians 10:13B that “He will not suffer me to be tempted beyond that which I am able to bear”. Every challenge has been a ladder to get to my next level.

Challenges Of My work

 As a professional counselor as well as a Minister of God, maintaining boundaries especially with family and friends has been a challenge. I’m still working on learning to say “No” and stick with it. Another challenge is that I find it very hard to look the other way when I see people suffering. I have the tendency of taking on people’s burden and failing to realize that I can’t save everyone.

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My Relationship With God

I’m very humbled that God has chosen me as a vessel to work miracles in the lives of people irrespective of their status in life. I’m also very happy to see God’s power in action, saving souls, healing diseases and mending broken hearts.

Other Projects and Activities

We are believing in God to establish a non- denominational pilgrimage center where people from all walks of life can come on a weekly basis to pray out for themselves and receive solutions to their challenges. I also make it a point of duty to support other peoples ministries to motivate and minister to the people. As per the ministry activities, we meet every first Saturday of the month for our Open Heaven program, we also meet every second Saturday for a meeting with the Holy Spirit titled “Fix me Holy Spirit”. We meet again every third.

Prophetess Uju-Ken

What I Enjoy About My Job As A Woman of God

What I enjoy most about my work is my relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit always teaches me, guides me and directs me. He always reassures me, all I have to do is to just show up and He acts. I also enjoy seeing people walk into my office with tears and leaving with joy. As much as we go on missions, we pray, and we give.

3 Women Who Inspire Me And Why

 The first person is my mother because she is a prayerful woman, a hopeful woman of faith and a woman that never gave up. These attributes of my mother have shaped my own life.  The second woman is Kathryn Kuhlman of the blessed memory who solely depends affectionately and intimately on the Holy Spirit.

My Work-life Balance

As a woman of God, a mother, wife, and mentor, I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day. However, I have to follow strict timelines in order to maintain a work-life balance. Moreso, I have learnt to let go of what I cannot control. So I prioritize my work according to the order of importance. I am also very grateful for my very supportive husband. He’s always there to offer support and cover for me in the home front.

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How We Can Win More Souls As a Society

As a society, to win more souls, we can show more love, be empathetic, compassionate, and actively listen to one another. We can be more tolerant towards one another.

On The Importance Of Unity Within The Christian Community

Men and women of God to help each other and to collaborate more especially through complementing one another where the other is inadequate since God has given different spiritual gifts to all men for the perfecting of saints and edifying of the body of Christ ( Ephesians 4: 11-12).

Being A Woman of Rubies

What makes me a Woman of Rubies is the grace of God upon my life and the power of the Holy Spirit.

To Those who Have lost faith

 I would tell them “Don’t give up” “Help is on the way” and “Your SOLUTION (Holy Spirit) is bigger than your PROBLEMS (the challenges