Freelance journalist


Lozaria Lungu, a Zambian Journalist and Script Writer who recently obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media and Communication from the University of Zambia, thus making her the first person to obtain a University Degree in her family.

According to her, “My childhood dream was to overcome the hurdles that surrounded my family for generations, I can handpick who attained an education, this one is a big WIN not only for ME but for my FAMILY and all the MEN and WOMEN who dared to believe in me,” she said.

“I remember when I made it to my 8th grade, how my mother was all over the place dancing and shedding tears of joy in gratitude to God. When I passed my Grade 9 and Grade 12, she danced and cried a lot more. My father is a great cheerleader who always said ‘Thank You’ every time I made it,” narrated Lungu.

“This path, however, has not been easy. I was denied admission to the university on my first try, and I was denied sponsorship 5 times when I needed it, but God saw me through.”

Lungu has worked and currently works as a freelance journalist. She has interned as a Public relations practitioner, and is a writer among others.

Her work revolves around women and communities, pointing out issues that are affects them as individuals in a society. She also has a Non governmental organization which focuses on advocating for youth empowerment, women programs in education, and health.

Her story is an inspiring one and a clear reminder that no win is too insignificant for you to acknowledge and celebrate because no one understands your journey and where you are coming from.

Lungu’s story is worth celebrating because it shines a beacon of hope on those who are on the verge of giving up on whatever dreams they have. Keep working hard and while at it, celebrate every win and enjoy the process each step of the way.

Even when you don’t have people in your corner cheering you and supporting you on your way to success, be your own cheerleader.

“To someone out there, your dreams are valid. One day, you’ll thank yourself for not giving up.”

Dare to dream!