OmoAkin Olayinka Mercy is a luminary with life expectations and purposeful aim of supporting young adults to achieve result at the appropriate time.
 She’s an advocate of The Great people foundation whose objective is to ensure that students and the less privilege on streets get back to school.
She is a trained and qualified teacher who studied business education in Adeniran Ogunsanya college of education. A trained Business Coach at My Branding Academy.
A certified public Speaker at TalkGenerals Training School and also a Certified Diction Coach at Right Sounds Institute.
She’s s competent Photographer,an Edutainer of MercyNub TVshow,On air personnel.
She’s excellent singer, a competent and certified diction coach,a relationship and career counselor,an inspirational citer with evidence and mind -blowing Testimonies.
She’s the founder of MercyNub Media Empire, also a Brand Visiblity Coach with the aim making Brands to be known,seen and heard all over the universe.
She is highly skilled in enterprenuership with excellent initiatives aspect (MercyNub Media),also a  privileged member of young African leaders initiative( YALI Network team) which stands for innovating of ideas around business management in order to create prosperous  lasting solutions and impact in the  environment.
She shares her story with us in this interview.

Childhood Preparation

Yes I was prepared, My childhood was a training ground because parents were not available to nurture me but my Grandmother did. She spent her last kobo to make sure I have good Education and also to express a global Mind. Blessed Memories to her as well.

Inspiration behind MercyNub
MercyNub media was an inspiration got from my love for Photograph because it is an uncommon field. I’m a Photographer.
Being a Visibility Coach
 Being a Brand Visibility Coach, It has restored many lives and birth initiatives.
Great People Foundation
Great people Foundation has existed 6 years ago. It is a graced platform that have saved lives in order to have equal Education with the Elite. It is an international platform.
How I manage my Feat
 Time management is the seed that germinates to Success. I do tie my activities with dates and time . I have time table.
My perception of branding & visibility
 Branding is a taste of how you want us to perceive and Buy You. So as a Brand Visibility Coach, my niche is to ensure that your product, value or content gets a Global recognition by embracing Media Appearance.
 At times busy schedules may hinder my effectiveness.
Other Projects
Music Ministry,TALKshows and Adult Literacy.
3 Women who Inspire Me and Why
 Mrs Ibunkunoluwa Awosika, She’s a woman that births good deliveries.
b. Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, she never gave up on her dreams. Now the richest female.
c. Mrs Iweala Ngozi, She has proven that a woman can get to any length in life despite her background.
Nuggets on how to become a successful Public Speaker
 From my own School of thought, we’re all public Speakers. Because as a successful Person ,The Microphone will get to you one day to come share your Success Story to motivate others so everyone should embrace Personal Development cause it’s the key to master one’s craft.
Being a Woman of Rubies
 I’m a woman of Rubies because I’m priceless being designed by God, I’m born to lead and Dominate, I have a higher and Success Voice and I forever say No to Status Quo.
Facebook: Omoakin ola Mercy
1G: MercyNub Media
WhatsApp: 08098014636.