Emma Maame Efua Tandoh


In Africa, fabric and prints are more than just cloth; it’s at the core of who we are as Africans, expressive, creative, confident; a colourful and authentic people that carry an inextinguishable spirit.

African print has been finding its way into mainstream fashion for a long time, but it is always good to see a brand emerging from the continent that innovatively celebrates its diversity. This is why we acknowledge Love Ankara, a fabulous retail, footwear and accessory brand, proudly made in Ghana but loved by the continent.

The Love Ankara brand is here to re-define and showcase what authentic African fabric stands for. This it does by promoting authentic African prints, empowering women and preserving existing local textile industries.
Love Ankara shoes and accessories are made for powerful, outspoken, daring empowered women who are not afraid to be authentic and stand out wherever they are in the world.

Truly, one’s upbringing and environment during their formative years play a role in deciding the paths one would go in life. This is seen in the case of Emma who was raised in an entrepreneurial background. She grew up seeing her mother juggling between a 9-5 job and other businesses including clothing and drinks supply and distribution.

Forget the odds and go for it. As crazy as it may seem, the future of our continent rests with us women; especially women entrepreneurs. You will make some mistakes, but heck, start, go ahead and begin that dream and keep at it every day.

Emma always knew she would venture into entrepreneurship but she still worked in several industries including print media and marketing roles until she decided to launch her business by first creating an awareness around local African prints.
She launched her unique shoe making business after gaining access to lock prints like Woodin and GTP, both produced in Ghana.
Her mission is to provide employment to skillful artisans while the same time pushing the “Made in Africa” agenda.

Their foldable women’s shoes are made from premium leather soles as well as authentic African prints. The in-soles are extremely soft and prioritize comfort and the fabrics are all authentic pieces and do not fade after several washes. The shoes are machine and hand washable and dry within 3 to 4 hours. Because they’re foldable, they’re great for tucking away into a clutch purse, mini shoulder bag or handbag and are also packaged in mini shoe boxes which are great for presenting as gifts.

The Love African shoes are purposely made using Eco-friendly packaging that supports the “green” initiative as proof that quality, yet Eco-friendly products can emerge from Africa.

Love Ankara also retails men and women’s slides, beaded bags with ankara, jewelry boxes and other fashionable African accessories for the urban market.

Entrepreneurship is a journey and for us women, we often pride ourselves with being jugglers who perform the balancing act to almost near perfect, but entrepreneurship is challenging and will push you almost to the point of burnout so its important to also remember to pace yourself and schedule, as much as you can, and get much needed rest and relaxation.