Abosede George-Ogan and Ibijoke Faborode are two women to be proud of. With their passion for women,they co-founded the ElectHER Initiative to help and encourage women to run for political office in Nigeria.

The initiative was launched in December 2019, in Abuja. With an impressive $10million election campaign fund, it will support up to 1,000 women to run for office in the 2023 elections by involving, encouraging, equipping  women to decide, organize and win elections.

“With women who make up half the Nigerian population, it is surprising to see that there are only 8 female senators out of 109 and only 11 female members of the House of Representatives out of 360, making us the worst report of representation has delivered in Africa, with only 4.1% of our leaders and policy makers being women, stated Ibijoke Faborede.

Abosede George-Ogan says ElectHER seeks to ”engage women, encourage them to decide, equip them to run, enable them to run so we can have more inclusive and sustainable socio-economic growth in Nigeria.”⁣

Ibijoke Faborode is the Founder of The Social Change Network Africa a non-partisan & non-profit civic catalyst focused on driving sustainable democracy & good governance, gender equity, youth empowerment, & social inclusion through advocacy, dialogues and programmes.⁣

Abosede George-Ogan is the Founder of Women in Politics a platform that engages, encourages, equips and empowers women in Nigeria to get involved and participate in Politics. She’s also the author of ‘Building a conscious Career’- a book that equips career enthusiasts with necessary knowledge and resources to build a career that not only excites and rewards, but also positively affects the lives of others. ⁣