Dr. Mercy Bello Abu


Dr. Mercy Bello Abu is a thought leader, business consultant, lead Consultant at IHP Consulting Services and social entrepreneur with several years of experience.

She is also a coach on clarity and finding your way,  a public speaker and an advocate for women in business.

She is the president of Entrepreneurs Platform Initiative (EPI) – a network and support base for female entrepreneurs.

Her life goal is to leave a positive impact by helping people discover their innate abilities and maximize their potential.

She is married to Elder Ahmed Abu and they are blessed with four phenomenal children.

Dr. Mercy Bello Abu

IHP Consulting

She is the Lead Consultant at IHP Consulting Services. IHP is a Management Consulting firm which offers business support services, business management consulting/training services for individuals, public and corporate organizations, SME business development services, project management, recruitment, hospitality, entrepreneurship training, business reviews, process reviews, system implementation, HR audit, team energizers, strategic retreat and gap analysis intervention.

Their area of core competence is to develop, package and deliver innovative, quality, reliable and cost-effective services that best satisfy customer/client’s needs, whilst executing a highly profitable, resourceful and ethical organization that will survive well into the future and also be a valuable asset to its shareholders.


She also leads the Entrepreneurs Platform Initiative (EPI) – a network and support base for female entrepreneurs offering business clinics, seminars, training, capacity development, and round table with entrepreneurs’ mentorship and coaching.

EPI gives its members:
* A platform that creates Business linkages for Entrepreneurs
* A forum for strategic Networking.
* A platform where you OWN YOUR STORY, sharing inspirational stories that inspire and motivates Entrepreneurs.
* A platform that informs you about grants and loans from Financial institutions and educated you on how to get it

They also have The Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Academy (TEMA) Entrepreneurs Breakfast Meeting (EBM) Monday Classes are designed to build entrepreneurs that will take over the marketplace. Their goal is to create the next BIG Entrepreneur, a world changer and a marketplace giant. This platform exposes you to practical principles, trainings and opportunities that will grow your brand and make you exceptional in the marketplace.

Being a Coach

We asked her why she is passionate about her work, this is what she had to say:

People often ask me why I am so passionate and driven. They want to know what motivates and drives me and I usually tell them, “If your ‘why’ is compelling enough you can endure almost anything and achieve whatever you set your mind on”

I didn’t come to discover my why until I was faced with a dilemma on the 10th of April. 2010. My business of over 15 years came crumbling down in a fire incident. I lost a huge sum of money, all the goods in the supermarket were congealed, and the bank was on my tail.

Dr. Mercy Bello Abu

My world crumbled and the seemingly burning passion with which I started began to dwindle. In all of these, I learned that “what you focus on grows”.

My work is changing lives in lots of ways, I give out my platform to anyone who is willing to learn, and I impact them in such a manner that they will be compelled to be who they were designed to be. So be good at what you do, that good will come looking for you.

Source: Woman.ng