Diamond in the rough


In a world hungry for healing and transformation, Oluwatoyin Falaiye emerges as a dynamic force on a mission to make a difference. With an unwavering determination to heal her world, one person at a time, she brings a unique blend of experience and talents to her impactful work.

Oluwatoyin Falaiye

Drawing from her background as a trained lawyer specializing in corporate and commercial law, gender advocacy, and human rights, Oluwatoyin seamlessly intertwines her legal expertise with a deep passion for healing and wholeness. As a Healing & Wholeness Coach, speaker, and inspirational writer, she guides individuals towards discovering their purpose, experiencing personal growth, and finding meaning in their pain.

Jewels Hive Initiative: Empowering Survivors

At the heart of Oluwatoyin’s mission lies the Jewels Hive Initiative, a nonprofit organization she founded. This initiative provides a safe and empowering space for victims and survivors of sexual abuse and gender-based violence. Oluwatoyin offers essential support, empowerment, and healing resources, helping individuals reclaim their lives and find solace on their journey towards recovery.

The Vulnerable Inspiration Company: A Holistic Hub for Growth

As the CEO of The Vulnerable Inspiration Company, Oluwatoyin has created a holistic hub that encompasses coaching, mentoring, and storytelling. Through her books and blogs, she fearlessly shares her own experiences, using them as a catalyst to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to overcome trauma, embrace healing, and fulfill their purpose.

Supernatural Woman Network: Unleashing Divine Potential

Oluwatoyin’s impact extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is the visionary Convener of the Supernatural Woman Network, a powerful ministry uniting kingdom-minded women who are passionate about their relationship with God and hungry for supernatural encounters. Through this prophetic and intercessory platform, she empowers women to embrace their divine calling and unleash their God-given potential.

Oluwatoyin Falaiye

Vulnerability as Power: Sharing Stories of Triumph 

An accomplished author, Oluwatoyin has harnessed the power of vulnerability in her non-fiction works. Her book “Beyond the Abuse” sheds light on the gripping survivor stories of nine courageous women, offering hope and raising awareness about the devastating impact of sexual abuse. In her recently released memoir, “Diamond in the Rough,” Oluwatoyin fearlessly shares her personal journey through adversity, becoming a beacon of hope for others facing their own challenges.

Certified as a coach and speaker, Oluwatoyin’s expertise is backed by her invaluable education and training from prestigious institutions. Her commitment to fulfilling her purpose shines through every aspect of her work as she walks alongside God, leaving an indelible impact on the lives she touches.

For Oluwatoyin Falaiye, her ultimate desire is to pour out everything she has to offer, leaving behind a legacy of transformation and healing. With unwavering determination, she strives to fulfill her divine purpose, making a lasting difference in the world and inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of growth and healing.

Join Oluwatoyin on her remarkable journey of healing and empowerment as she invites you to discover your own potential and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment. Together, we can heal and transform the world—one person at a time.