Courtney Adeleye


The Mane Choice has been a well known haircare product for years. And founder Courtney Adeleye, has been passionately educating, encouraging and inspiring other women in America and globally.

Now, she is teaching her 5-year-old daughter, Lily Adeleye the ropes. She is keen on teaching that one needs to take full control of their financial futures.

Adeleye can be found helping others going through financial hardships and dropping gems on lessons that she has learned in business. Her products are on the shelves in hundreds of Target stores and her daughter’s Frilly hair bows can now be found not too far from her mom’s.

“From the time Lily was 3, I knew then she had a business mindset. At an early age, as she watched me build a successful business from the ground up, it exposed her to many possibilities and goals, so with that, we didn’t wait until she was an adult to help her pursue them.”

And if you ask Lily, she’ll tell you she is the boss. “I own my own company. I don’t just like it, I love it,” exclaims Lilly. In fact, she is the youngest CEO ever to retail at the superstore.

According to Adeleye, this accomplishment is one near to her heart as a mother and a businesswoman. “Being the first Mother/Daughter duo to hit shelves in one of the largest retail stores in the world is still surreal to us. It’s history. It’s life-changing and it should definitely be celebrated,” says Adeleye.