Colourful Hope International

Colourful Hope International(CHI) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organisation working assiduously in line with the sustainable development goal 1 (SDG) to eradicate poverty through empowerment programs for all and sundry.
The female gender globally has been described to be an under empowered and endangered specie.
 In Africa, women are often exposed to all forms of harsh and unpalatable working conditions.
We believe that where there is hope, the mind will see possibilities which leads to growth and empowerment.
Empowering women means empowering the world.
At CHI we are committed to change the narratives of menial jobs to decent jobs which will in turn lead to economic growth in line with SDG goals 8.
We also stand to eradicate poverty through empowerment (training, funding and support) programs ,this we believe that an empowered woman and youth is equipped to replicate same in others.
We have come to realise that a large percentage of out of School children and street urchins are products of economically disadvantaged women who could barely fend for themselves thus they push their kids out to survive on their own.
These inturn causes insecurity and societal threat.
CHI has been around since 2019, We have empowered over 10 women with funding with which they are now doing fabulously well. We have also trained 12 girls in the art of fashion designing all at no cost.
The foundation was officially inaugurated in August 2020. The inauguration was a colourful event held at St. Sanyaolu Hotel Dalemo Ota. Ogun state Nigeria on the 13th of August 2020. It was well attended by the creme and average people in the society. It was inaugurated by Mrs Morenike Ogunnowo FCA , Director of Finance Honda Manufacturing Ltd. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Prince Uzomma Omenihu, Founder Caring Beyond Borders Foundation. Dr. Keshinro, HOD department of Business Administration Crawford University, who was represented by Dr. Gbenga Ogunlusi. Mr. Tolu Ogunyemi MBA, who represented International Breweries Foundation Kickstart foundation among many other dignitaries.
The event also witnessed the empowerment 5 women with expansion and/or start up fund. This we believe will go a long way in taking them off the current hardship that they are experiencing in making ends meet.
Our current capacity is not enough to reach more women and youths. Some of the girls we have empowered with skills needs start up fund and equipment to truly be fully empowered enough to replicate same in others which is our central aim.
Taking these women off the road means they should be established in small ventures that has tendencies to grow into stable and viable businesses.