Charlette Desire N’Guessan is a 26-year-old Ivorian born award winning Software Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur.

he is the co-founder and CEO of BACE Group, a Ghana based FinTech company that provides digital services to financial institutions.

In September 2020, she became the first woman to win the Royal Academy of Engineering’s prestigious Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, for her work building a system called BACE API.

The BACE API software uses Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition to verify the identities of African people remotely and in real time.

“We’re revolutionizing customer experience through our application programming interface (APIs) that secure client identity and KYC data with OCR and facial recognition technology. We aim to change the way cyber security functions and reduce identity fraud, which is a prevalent issue in Africa and across the world,” said Charlette.

Charlette Desire N’Guessan, Software Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur

“I’m happy when people are inspired by my story, being the first woman to win the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation and by my work as a woman in tech,” she added.

As her own way to encourage women entrepreneurs who are trying to make a mark in the STEM space, she said,
“I invite them to invest in their education because the way to success is the way of the continuous pursuit of knowledge. They need to be more confident and open to working with men in the industry. There is no competition, everyone has their place at the table. Learn, explore, and trust the process.”