Aysia Hilliard


Aysia Hilliard is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who started her own lip balm company in 2017. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a biology major and a chemistry minor at Howard University. Hilliard’s company TrapStix Lip Balm Company LLC sells lip balms based on musical artists and music, consisting of a wide variety of flavors such as “Lil Uzi Vernilla” and “Sticki Minaj.”

Since 2017, Aysia Hilliard has been the CEO of her own successful business which has skyrocketed in popularity and sales over the years. TrapStix Lip Balm is sold worldwide, with over 5,000 followers on Instagram, over 93,000 followers on Tiktok, and over 700 followers on Facebook.

Aysia Hilliard

Hilliard initially thought of the idea as a joke but turned the lip balm into a reality when she began selling them to family, friends, and peers.

Her business gained popularity when she started promoting it on her TikTok account over quarantine in 2020. As a new and yet extremely popular social media app, TikTok is known for being an extremely beneficial tool for those looking to gain a large following over a short period of time.

During quarantine was when TikTok really began to gain popularity, so Hilliard’s timing was perfect. She promoted her company on TikTok and received half a million views on her very first post, thus jumpstarting the success and popularity of TrapStix Lip Balm.

“I never expected when I posted my first ever video that it would blow up like that,” Hilliard said, “It was especially shocking since it was my first-ever post, but I think things just happened the way they were supposed to because it gave me more confidence to continue posting.”

Five years later, TrapStix Lip Balm is thriving as a business. With the help of her parents, Hilliard is continuing to build her brand and hopes to partner with larger companies and corporations in order to expand into online and brick-and-mortar stores. When speaking on her success, Hilliard said, “The most unexpected part of entrepreneurship is the constant need for intrinsic motivation.

Whether your business is doing phenomenally or poorly, you have to wake up every day and choose to work hard on taking it to the next step. There’s always improvements to be made, especially in a completely new business.”

Aysia Hilliard

Aysia Hilliard has gone from selling her very first TrapStix flavor, “Gucci Mango” to those around her at school and at home, to being the CEO and spokesperson of her own company. She handles all aspects of social media and marketing as well.

“My favorite part of running a business is the ability to let myself make mistakes,” Hilliard said, “Because I am my own boss, I understand that I really don’t know what I’m doing until it’s done. Being an owner allows you to go through trial and error stages without repercussions from someone else.”

As well as offering consumers a wide range of lip balm flavors with creative names centered around stars of the hip-hop industry, TrapStix Lip Balm also offers merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and baseball caps on its website. Gift cards are also available for purchase, making the products of TrapStix Lip Balm a great gift idea for the holiday season. For more information on TrapStix Lip Balm, you can visit the website or email the company