Ayanna Presley


Few weeks back US Rep. Ayanna Pressley revealed her bald head and battle with alopecia in a moving interview she had with The Root. She has finally debuted her crown on Capitol Hill.

“After Rep. Ayanna Pressley unveiled her hair loss last month, many supported the congresswoman. But Pressley’s reveal of her alopecia — an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss — and her consequent bald head also made her the subject of online bullying, with some people,” according to CNN.

On Jan. 29 the freshman Congresswoman from Massachusetts took to the House floor, wigless and made her address confidently.

“I am proud to rise in support of my comprehensive Crediting Reporting Enhancement,  Disclosure, and Transparency or the Comprehensive Credit Act, a critical package of reforms that will improve our fundamentally flawed credit reporting system.”

As previously reported, Pressley, due to her severe hair loss, revealed how she felt humiliated, using wigs to cover up her severe hair loss.

“I hid in a bathroom stall. I felt naked, exposed, vulnerable. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed. I felt betrayed,” she told The Root.

Luckily, her journey has gotten better, she says, stressing that ”I’m making progress every day. And that’s why I’m doing this today.”

“It’s about self-agency. It’s about power. It’s about acceptance. It’s so interesting to me that right now on this journey, what I feel the most unlike myself is when I am wearing a wig. So I think that means I’m on my way.”

She jokingly spoke given her wigs names after Michelle Obama and even OG.

It is definitely incredible to see Pressley open up and be so brave about what she is going through.