Christiana Boluwatife Fagbenro is a twenty year old undergraduate of Geology. She is a great artist, writer, song writer and performer of poetry.

Meet Me

Christiana is a jovial, strongwilled and outspoken young lady who loves meeting people and trying out new things in order to affect lives positively.


Drawing, painting, writing, singing-songwriting

My Inspiration

Music inspires me greatly, it goes through my ears and flows through my soul, bringing out a marvelling result. Also, basically anyone who is able to break a ground inspires me. Someone whose story makes me stronger, someone who never gave up.

Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is not setting my piorites right in life.

Being a Science student and still excelling well at Arts and Sports

Science is my passion. Art is a talent I developed and found joy in while Sports keep me active, gets me going, so, I find a way to balance it all up. Doing what I should at the right time.

Would you rather go back in time to correct a mistake or time travel two years to the future?

I would gladly go two years into the future, learning from my past mistakes.

What is that one thing you would love to change about yourself?

I cannot think of any. I’m not perfect but I’m great in my own ways.

What will you change as a one day President of Nigeria?

If a day is enough to change negative mentality or end corruption, I would do that

What keeps you up at night?

Prayer, art or when I’m writing.

 If you were given the opportunity to start all over again, will you choose to be a Science student or Arts student?

I would definitely choose to be a science student.

My brand in the next 5 years

I see myself with my degree, travelling the world, owning my own Art firm, an organization set at reaching out to most people through every dimension of Art, helping kids discover their talent. I see myself helping children, women and people who feel there’s no hope for them. I see my published books and I see myself at the peak of my goal still standing in Christ.

If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will you be your advice to them?

I would tell them to always set their priorities right. They shouldn’t give up on their goals, I would tell them my story and that behind every cloud is a silver lining. Lastly, I would tell them to always love themselves because there’s no better work of Art than yourself.

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