Anioma Women in the Diaspora


Lydia Akpocha, a name resonating with purpose and commitment, has dedicated her life to the betterment of communities and the well-being of individuals. Hailing from the Royal families of Idumuje-Unor and Idumuje-Ugboko in Delta State, Nigeria, Lydia embodies a rich heritage and a passion for progress. we take an in-depth look into the life and work of this remarkable economist, certified Scrum Master, counselor, wife, and mother of three, exploring her inspiring contributions and unwavering dedication.

Passions and Contributions

Lydia thrives when she collaborates with others to support and build vibrant, progressive communities. Her extensive efforts extend to support both the government and small businesses, striving for their survival and growth. Her commitment to these causes has left an indelible mark on the communities she serves.

Professional Involvement

Lydia is the founder of two influential organizations: the Canadian Immigrants Alliance and Anioma Women in the Diaspora (Delta Ibo Women International). These organizations work tirelessly to bridge gaps and provide support to newcomers in Canada, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Lydia’s collaborative spirit extends to her work with other not-for-profit organizations and entrepreneurs across Canada, where she consistently champions causes close to her heart.

Canadian Immigrants Alliance

Focus Areas

Lydia’s passion lies in supporting youth, families, and new immigrants through her extensive network. One notable annual effort is her fundraising campaign, which sees grateful immigrants coming together to support various charities, including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Arab Community, Costi, and more. These initiatives aim to facilitate the seamless integration of newcomers into Canadian communities and provide vital support to those in need.

In addition to her work in Canada, Lydia’s heart extends to developing communities worldwide. Her commitment to supporting the less fortunate knows no borders, and she consistently lends a helping hand to uplift those in need.

Lydia Akpocha’s life and work serve as a testament to the power of dedication, collaboration, and community building. From her roots in Nigeria to her impactful presence in Canada, Lydia’s unwavering commitment to progress and support has touched countless lives. As an economist, counselor, and community leader, she continues to inspire us all to make a positive difference in the world. Lydia Akpocha is not just a name; she is a force for change and a beacon of hope for communities far and wide.