The strength of every organization and company lie in the wellbeing of its staff and employees. Companies who know this ensure they pay attention to the wholeness and wellbeing of their staff as it is directly proportional to their success as a company. Helping employees avoid burnout and providing maximum support to help them manage their physical, mental and emotional balance is key. This is why Edna Reis, the founder of Active Wellness in Angola created her business to help meet the demand for better health and total wellbeing in the workplace.

Edna Reis launched Active Wellness in 2017 and her partner, Sandra Pimentel joined in 2019. They are both psychologists with great management skills, motivation and experience in this field.

Active Wellness is a Start-up focusing on Mental Health and Organizational Well-Being Consultancy, with a diversity of services that meet the growing national and international health demand in the corporate environment.

Active Wellness works towards the perfect mental health and well-being of organizations by proposing solutions that help reduce the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders through specific psychotherapeutic interventions inside and outside the work environment.

Their services include: Mental health consultancy; Quality of life research at work; Individual and group psychotherapeutic interventions to better manage traumatic events with a high probability of triggering anxiety, stress, burnout; Employee wellbeing programs; Mindfulness classes; Mind and Body Balance interventions; Workshops and lectures.

Both Edna and Sandra had no entrepreneurial background prior to Active Wellness but Edna’s strong believe that each of us has a vision about how we would like to position ourselves in the professional world drove her into entrepreneurship as her own means of making meaningful contribution with her work.

Sandra (L) and Edna (R)

She is happy being an entrepreneur and she describes her fulfilment as an entrepreneur using these words, “The possibility of helping to de-stigmatize mental health, contribute to the country’s growth, development and people’s health is undoubtedly a great satisfaction.”

Be willing to learn every day, nothing is given, have the courage to create the future you want, without neglecting the challenges that are typical of the trajectory. Edna says to women who want to start or create anything new.